Geoscience for QGIS Supports Downhole Point Data

The Geoscience plugin for QGIS now supports downhole point data such as Depth of Oxidation, MagSusc etc.

You prepare your downhole point data the same way as interval data, by using the Downhole Data button Downhole Data button or the menu. Fill in the form as normal, but this time select your Depth field as From and ensure the To field is blank (selection at the top of the list). This flags that the data is point rather than interval data and triggers Geoscience to generate a QGIS PointZ layer rather than a LineStringZ layer.

When it comes to generating sections, just tick the downhole point layer as you would to for an interval layer.

As with interval layers, Geoscience will copy your style into the section, so it's best to set the style up in plan before you start making sections.